Mijn doelgroepen

Gezinnen met kinderen met autisme of syndroom van Down.

Nederlandse luchtvaartmaatschappijen


About me

My name is Kees Hoekstra, 57 years old, father of two beautiful daughters, Nora of 16 years and Christy of 12 years. Christy has autism and a developmental disorder.


I have been working for KLM for 35 years and in this project I have been able to combine my knowledge about aviation and autism in the project "flying with autism

I now work as a Senior Claim Handler at Cygnific, a 100% subsidiary of KLM, in the Customer Care department. During this work I was confronted with the problems that families with a child with autism experience during a flight. This is why this project has grown into a large and comprehensive whole.

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Waddenweg 71 2134 XL Hoofddorp

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