Schiphol Autism tour


We regularly organize the Schiphol Autism Tour. This is an exclusive tour that explains what you can expect when you fly. The first part is provided by three KLM stewardesses who show how the check-in goes, where your suitcase goes and a visit to the assistance desk. Then we check in for a bus tour about Schiphol. You will learn everything about the ups and downs of an airport. The tour lasts an hour. The bus is exclusively for us, so the autism of the children is taken into account

Seminar "flying with autism"


I am available for giving lectures on the topic of flying with autism. In two hours I tell you what you can do to make the journey with as few stimuli as possible and as relaxed as possible.

DPNA Button


Because autism is often unrecognizable from the outside for airport personnel and crew, I made a small modest button. So they know that this is a passenger with autism and can be taken into account.

Flying with autism poster.


The autism poster contains 10 tips for aviation staff how to deal with passengers with autism. Meanwhile, the posters are already hanging at a few airports in the rest rooms of the staff. Airlines also use the poster in their training.

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