New experience with Air France.

Hi Kees, thank you for your help, it went very well! Very nice that we did not have to wait long at the security where the outward journey almost went wrong because he wanted to take the legs but the assistant of Axxicom could stop him when I got my stuff off the band and the boarding was the first one too very nice, no stress in long lines, perfect! Both the outward and the return journey went perfectly with Air France! Highly recommended, I have been able to travel very pleasantly while I found it quite exciting to travel alone with my son. Thank you very much for everything!



Transavia experience:

Hi Hi.
Did you want to let us know that everything went well during traveling

Have ourselves signed up at the Transavia counter and the gentleman there told me at which check-in counter we were allowed to report
(So ​​not at the back of the long, long line)

Inside there was no additional guidance (possible); but fortunately also not needed

We have just stepped in as a Vd last time

Thank you again for signing up for the medical services 👍🏼



Transavia. Eindhoven-Faro

We are now back from vacation and both the outward journey and the return journey went very well! We were allowed to go to the security in Eindhoven via the fast lane and could therefore continue. At the gate we were already allowed to wait at the door until we could board, so out of the crowd. Then first on board, only when we were sitting real boarding started. On the way back in Faro, the one who checked us in asked if and what kind of assistance we wanted as he saw in the system that we had someone with ASD in our company. There too, there is plenty of help and understanding. It seems so small but it made a lot of difference for my son, he did not even have to sit next to me on the terrace as always but cozy next to his sister! Thanks a lot for your help!!




Yesterday came back from a beautiful holiday in France. Flown with Air France. Received assistance at schiphol until after the inspection. This at our own request, otherwise we would have had to wait 2 hours for the assistance. (We would then have to wait until about an hour before departure, and that also caused unrest for the youngest). A quiet spot at the gate at our leisure. Before we landed we received the request from the staff to wait until everyone was on board. Then with assistance to the passport control ... what a relief to not have to find out for yourself .... Back away have again received the assistance to the plane. This was also clear and smooth! Very nice that this is possible!




An experience with DPNA with Cathay Pacific to the Philippines.

My wife and child are busy with the last flight (from manila to cagayan de oro).

The DPNA was fine, but unfortunately Tristan still had 2 meltdowns (1 on Schiphol one hour before the flight went, the other one on the local flight also an hour before the flight at the gate).

This is not due to the DPNA procedure but due to the fact that he would like to fly and the last piece if he is not at the gate is not pulling, then the tension comes out and he has panic and tears / crying and he calls "flying "and walks around in a restless manner.

I hope he comes away from it once again, I think it is the whole build up of tension to go to the Philippines. The powerpoint I had made only worked halfway, it gave him clarity but also the same urge to want to fly directly.

Anyway, the DPNA was fine, everything went smoothly, even in hong kong and manila she got support and that gave my wife the peace to stay calm when Tristan had a hard time.




TUIFly. Gran Canaria

Since yesterday back from our holiday to Gran Canaria with our fives and I wanted to show that the DPNA code has saved us a lot of waiting. At Schiphol we had to check in ourselves first, but then we received guidance to boarding. That is where my son and I went on board first with a group of other people. So all fine but the way back was even better. We ourselves were given priority and assistance with the suitcases. And at Las Palmas there is a special customs for parents with children that we could also use (while our son is already 10). Very nice because quiet and less intimidating than at Schiphol. Now with our whole family we were the first on board and again the last to get off. Because he is a bad eater, the cabin crew even had a sandwich out of their own food for him! All praise for everyone this has made our holiday extra fine. And you Kees, thank you for making the DPNA voorutistic children possible! We have not felt different or uncomfortable once! Only special!

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